Writers’ and Artists’ Deadline Problems and What To Do About Them

I have recently been struggling to get back on the writing “horse” after a great summer with my little hellions. But, in the last week I’ve begun a regiment of writing 1200wds per day to get back in that writer’s saddle.
Making and keeping achievable goals is such an important aspect of an author’s life. At the end of the day, no one will love a book if it hasn’t been written.
This post includes a stack of great tips to help writers and artists to stick to their deadlines. I loved every bit of tips for success David included. Thanks for allowing me to share it, David!
I hope that my readers will benefit from it as I have.


vincent-van-gogh-74018_640Writers and artists are almost always marvelously productive human beings able to generate huge quantities of work, amounts of work which put people in other walks of life to shame. They are concerned with their production and pay close attention to it—did you write your 500 words today; did you finish painting that corner of the canvas before quitting for dinner? If production falls off, they want to know why, and if good work pours out of them fluently, they want to know why that is happening too.

Hard as I try, I find it difficult to imagine any writer or artist—amateur or professional, novice or expert–who hasn’t had  production deadlines to meet, and it’s not unusual for them to have had problems meeting them at least once or twice, and possibly more frequently than that. You’ve heard it said, and maybe you’ve said it yourself when you’ve been under…

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