Anne Rice and Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins


Something AMAZING happened this week. Something I will never forget EVER in my entire life. But, if I never ventured out of my writing shell, it never would have been a possibility.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but for a long time, I never told anyone about my book. Three people knew about it: my husband, my sister, and my mom. As many creatives seem to be, I am a fiercely self-conscious person. The thought of even telling people about Old Souls petrified me.

Since I stepped out of my comfort zone and started talking about it, some pretty amazing things have happened. I found a critique group which I love, where other writers take time out of their day, accumulating to NINETY-FIVE hours so far, to help make my book even better. (Because it’s already pretty awesome.)

2012-b2-e1440533608939In that critique group, I met Dan Alatorre, who wrote and self-published a plethora of books you can find here and quickly skyrocketed to best-selling author success. My regular blog followers see him around here all the time. It’s because he’s awesome. And, not just because he says he loves my book. He’s my “work buddy.” His ambition is contagious. When I started a Facebook Author Page, he sent people over to like it. When I started Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins, he ran a new author profile on me and linked it to my blog. He’s critiqued every one of my chapters, and it’s his critiques I look forward to the MOST.

And if it comes to pass one day that I can’t find an agent, he promised me to help get the damn thing published.

He introduced me to Allison Maruska. 61pd2mBesmL__UX250_I recently discovered Allison is probably one of the funniest people I know, along with being another, wait for it, best-selling author. On Wednesday night, Dan and Allison invited me to ref their Facebook Chat (drunk debate) on the virtues of plotting vs. pantsing. We never came to a real conclusion, seeing as we never really got around to talking about plotting vs. pantsing. Instead, we talked about Canadian Tire, trampolines, and . . . something else . . . which I can’t really remember right now, ’cause I was a (little) drunkskie. Which probably speaks to the benefits of PLOTTING, y’all.

untitledHe also introduced me to C. J. Andrews, who, like me, is still wrestling with her first book. Having read most of it, I can tell you, her work is incredible. Like, ‘I can’t wait for her to finish it, so I can find out what happens’ incredible. And, even though she doesn’t like fantasies, she critiques my work and gives me the props I need to keep going. (I should probably mention she likes my book. ‘Cause it’s awesome, remember?)

Building a support network, a group of “work buddies” is one of the smartest things a budding author can do. But, in order to do that we have to come out of our shells. That way, when something amazing, fantastic, life-altering, and MIND BLOWING happens, we can celebrate it together.

Like when Anne Rice shares your blog on her Facebook Page. Which just happened to me.anne

Anne Rice read, enjoyed, and shared my blog, and (incidentally) a snippet of my upcoming book! How many people can say that? I have never been so amped to keep on going. It’s time to get this puppy finished so I can keep my promise to give the very first copy to the QUEEN of Horror herself.
If you aren’t already, YOU need to follow my blog. Be a part of the support network. It’s getting real, kids. Boom.

27 thoughts on “Anne Rice and Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins

  1. Jenny – a.k.a. Anne Rice’s new BFF – it’s easy to become a fan of writing as good as yours.

    I won’t give away too much, but I started reading it in our critique group on chapter 3 or 4 and I was hooked from the first words. It was an amazing concept and it has played out brilliantly.

    It’s easy to be friends with somebody as fun and energetic as you (and silly, awesome possum). And who knows Anne Rice.

    It is totally and completely right that you created a post about great writing and building characters, mentioned Anne Rice (your new bud), and then she read it and posted it on her Facebook page. I’m sure you and Anne Rice are jetting off in Anne Rice’s private plane later today for a fun, girls only weekend in Cabo, just you and your new pal Anne Rice. Enjoy.

    Thanks for being such a good writer, a great friend, a funny person, a struct and constructive critique partner, a terrific wife and mom to a great family, and everything else that makes you so uniquely you. If you’re going by Canadian Tire later, get me some shears and a bag of pea gravel, please. And slip your new best friend Anne Rice my number.

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  2. I don’t care that we never got on topic in that chat. It was way fun and we totally pantsed the topics. Pantsing FTW.

    Seriously though, connecting with other writers has to happen in spite of the fact that most of us prefer to hole up in our houses and hope the outside world doesn’t try to talk to us. I would totally hibernate if given the opportunity. But that’s not good for business or craft development. Plus, think of all the missed drunk chats. Sad.

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

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  3. Awesome! Congrats!
    Yesterday, my teacher at a literary workshop told me: “It´s time to show what you write to a critique group”. I felt terrified. Like you, only my parents and a few closed friends know I´m writing a novel (it´s been a year and half since I began writing the first page), which is still struggling on the first draft. I asked Dan for a piece of advise, and he helpfully helped me with some ideas about the title. You always help by telling us your news here! Thanks a lot! I should be venturing out of my writing shell ;-).
    Have a great weekend!

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  4. Congrats! It sounds like everything is really taking off. 🙂 Getting props from Anne Rice! That’s amazing. I never got to finish reading your sample chapters on WC, but your concept has stuck with me. Good luck, though it doesn’t sound like you need it!👍👍 (I’m looking for an applaud emogi, but can’t find one, so cheers!)

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