DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!! The 6 Things You Need To Do To Be A Successful Author

In case you weren’t aware, in the Twitterverse today, it’s #SundayBlogShare. In honor of this day, I’m going to. . . (gasp) share a blog.
A lot of my followers are already familiar with Dan Alatorre. Over the past few months, he’s given up hours upon hours (upon HOURS) of his time helping me with my writing, and he’s always kicking around Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins.
I often feel like every fledgling author could use a friend like him: a mentor to help overcome the obstacles that all new writers seem to face.
But, you know what? He actually offers a lot of advice for FREE already. Check this out! Hit that subscribe button. Get it straight from the horse’s (bestseller’s) mouth!

Dan Alatorre

If you look at some author groups on Facebook, you hear a lot of complaints: no sales, no reviews, no royalties, marketing is hard…

anti_no_crap_yard_signApparently, life sucks for authors.


Complaining about book sales is a bitchfest designed to… do what, exactly?

COMPLAINER: Is anyone selling books? I hear authors selling one or two every now and then but no one I know is making a killing, or has a best seller!


REPLY 1: Not selling as many these days as 2010-2011. I definitely know authors who are doing well. It usually requires writing great books and several of them and sticking with it for years.


REPLY 2: No one is going to sell much as long as they continue with Kindle Unlimited.


COMPLAINER: My friends say they sell, but what they don’t say, is they buy the books…

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5 thoughts on “DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!! The 6 Things You Need To Do To Be A Successful Author

  1. making a living has always been a challenge – now, with a gu-zillion new authors in the game, it’s more challenging. Not impossible, and certainly not worth ranting about…. it’s just become a career that is over-saturated.

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    • Absolutely. It’s good and bad. As readers, it can be frustrating to sort through the garbage to get to the diamonds. But, as writers, it’s an excellent reminder to strive that much harder to produce something worth reading.

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