Ready for the Big Suprise???



You heard the hype.

You came to play.

But, what exactly is a . . . wait, what was it called again?


It’s a Sunday Scribble Challenge.

Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins has always been intended to be read and (hopefully) enjoyed by writers of every stage. But, now SSC PREVIEWthat Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins has a substantial following, it’s time to go one step further. It’s time to launch a challenge.

Now, to anyone out there who has never posted their writing before: stop hyperventilating. This challenge is meant for everyone, newbies and old hats alike. It’ll always be short and sweet. Or short and scary. Or, short and funny. The point is, the challenge will always be short on purpose . . . so YOU have no excuses. Many of the prompts will limit submissions to a simple paragraph. Some, to ONE SENTENCE. It’s a challenge we can make time for and enjoy every week.

What are the rules?

  1. Check Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins anytime throughout the week. The prompt will be posted every Sunday.
  2. You have six days to post one response to the prompt in the comment section of that prompt. The Deadline? Saturday @noon, Eastern Standard Time.
  3. Encourage the other scribblers. Try to comment (reply) to at least three other submissions during the week.
  4. After the Saturday deadline, VOTE for your favorite submission by emailing: Place the lucky author’s name in the HEADER of your email.

This is a new endeavor for the blog, and there will be some kinks in the matrix. Feel free to offer suggestions for the challenge in the comment section of THIS POST. Thanks in advance for your patience.


Trolls will be escorted back to their bridge with a flaming stick of dynamite.


23 thoughts on “Ready for the Big Suprise???

  1. That’s too funny. I had a very similar idea in mind that I’ve been planning to start soon, haha. Though I don’t have the challenge aspect, more for fun. Will definitely have to keep watch, I’m look forward to seeing what happens with this! 🙂 the challenge idea is fun.

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