Allison’s Book Sale

Hey, my friend and co-host of Writers Off Task with Friends, Allison Maruska is having a book sale! Check it out! Her writing is incredible, and the books are a fun, fast paced, roller-coaster of a read.

In other news, congratulations to John Aaron for winning the last Sunday Scribble Challenge! I’m excited to extend an invitation to guest blog here, at Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins. Your entry recieved the most votes for any challenge to date!

FYI: The deadline for the next Scribble Challenge has been pushed back till tomorrow. That means there’s still time to enter, and possibly WIN the right to have YOUR work featured on Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your writerly self.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale! –


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