Congratulations, Jennifer!

The winner of the last Scribble Challenge of the season has been named! Jennifer Shelby ROCKED the challenge with an imaginative, downright creepy submission to the prompt,Your story is being told by an unreliable narrator. In less than fifty words, give your reader a clue he or she may not be telling the whole truth.”

Jennifer’s winning submission:

be45b193d1caa6824eae276c0ae9e17d“She’s lying,” I said.

The mob murmured and nodded, raising their torches. They set her aflame.

I drooled with desire for the intimate scent of her cooking flesh.

“How’d you know?” someone asked.

I shrugged, keeping my attention on the girl. They grow still just before they’re ready

Find Jennifer on Google+, Twitter, and her lovely blog, where she posts the most BEAUTIFUL pictures.

paintThank you for participating in the challenge, Jennifer! I am honored to invite you to write the FINAL guest blog of the season. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for our readers.

To all other faithful #SSC participants, keep your eye out for a great new interview with winner Elizabeth Burgess on Writers Off Task with Friends, coming to the channel SOON!


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