Blogapolypse: A Scribbles Apocalypse

What would your final blog post be?

It was a question posed over at yesterday morning. His response was short and simple: Was I a great writer? No. But I helped a lot of people and sincerely believe they could be. Which is true, in that his instructional posts have helped a lot of people, and also modest, in that he is an exceptional writer. Bloggerly phenom Allison Maruska posted her response here, which I found quite funny.


Well, let me start by saying the same thing I’d say if I found out I was going to die tomorrow.

I am pissed.

Because, come on. Things are just getting started!

Maybe the old adage is true: you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

Well, except that I know exactly what I have, and it isn’t gone.

Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins started on a whim. My writerly friends had websites. It seemed to be the cool thing to do. Like smoking across the train tracks at fourteen. (See me in high school, where students stood on the far side of the tracks directly outside the front doors to smoke, or risk suspension. Funnily enough, I never realized how much of a small town cliché that  train track marker was until this very moment.)

To be fair, I don’t smoke anymore, and blogging won’t give me outrageous wrinkles and/or a voice like Kathleen Turner. 1l7r2c.jpg

While I began the site by emulating Dan and Allison’s instructional posts, I soon realized I enjoyed writing them about as much as branding my face with a soldering iron. So, I branched out into Scribble Challenges. These friendly competitions gave aspiring and established authors a chance to get their creative juices flowing while working in a limited word count. The winner received an opportunity to guest post here.

I loved hosting the changes, but the number of participants quickly grew beyond my ability to keep up with.

And last summer, I took a blogging hiatus.

Despite those growing pains, Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins seems to have hit its stride in the last three months. Every week, it averages sixty new followers. So, I’ve been thinking about bringing the Scribble Challenge back as a bi-weekly (or monthly) event. I’ve been thinking of posting a short-short story every second Friday. I’ve been thinking about all the great and talented writers who’ll let me interview them next.

And, I’ve been thinking of publishing book and short story reviews. Poggibonsi. Drake and the Flyers. American Gods. The Goldfish Pool. The Bob Watson. Year of the Rooster. Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.

But now you’re saying I can’t do ANY of that, because THIS bloody post is my last one??!!1l668o

So yes, I’m PISSED.

Except I’m not.

Because this is all hypothetical.

And maybe I’ll just go ahead and continue thinking about doing some of those things.

In all seriousness, and with the threat of blogapolypse behind us, I’d like to send a big thank you to the newest Scribble followers.

What would YOU write about if it was your last chance?



34 thoughts on “Blogapolypse: A Scribbles Apocalypse

  1. Whew. I had to read the the end to see what was gonna happen.

    Now I’m wondering if I’m to blame for the blogapolypse.

    * puffs out chest *

    You forgot one thing. If the world ended tomorrow, you wouldn’t have to do a certain public presentation…

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  2. Ain’t life funny? I wrote a poem some time back that I have not posted. The reason? It sounds like my Last Post!

    On a Wisp

    When I am gone
    The world will go on
    And I will be a thought
    On the wind

    Hopefully somewhere
    Still people will care
    And I will live on
    In their memories

    Don’t worry about me
    For I will be free
    To float on a wisp
    Of a dream

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    • Hi Jackie 🙂
      Your responses to the challenges were always so well thought out 🙂 It was definitely interesting to see everyone’s take on the prompts.
      In three weeks my schedule is opening up a little. There may be room for a few Scribble Challenges yet!

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  3. Oh my, I’d be the evil blooger.. If faced with my last blog, I’d leave subtle clues that the end was coming, in the last 5 or so blogs but nothing alarming to give a hint.. The clues would only be apparent in hindsight.. Just so my last blog could read…..
    The End
    ( and YOU know why )

    *This only works if I leave the blog up for awhile after my final post.. But I’d do it just to see if my readers had paid attention.. I guess kind of like going to your own funeral ? 😁

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  4. Haha its true that, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Great post. 🙂 If I had to write my last post then it would be a thank you note to all of them who have been part of my blogging Journey and without whom, it was clearly impossible to stick around.

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  5. I would say…
    I hope you all reflect on the things I’ve written about, and hopefully get something good from it.
    Life can be amazing if you start to understand yourself, the world and start loving yourself.

    I think that’s something I would say, if tomorrow was my last day blogging.

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  6. Haha! I enjoyed your post and idea very much. That would stink! To not be able to follow through on all those brilliant plans. I took a hiatus once too and I found coming back challenged me in ways I hadn’t thought about. If I had a last post again? Hm…I think I would post some highly suspenseful flash fiction piece and leave it with a cliff hanger…I think that’s where my mind and heart would have to be too.

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  7. Well yes, of course, pissed! I would be too. However I shall contemplate the “last post” as a work in progress and continuously edit it as time goes by. After all the TV networks commission obituary programs on famous people such as Queen Elizabeth that are frequently updated and edited so that when the time comes they can just go straight to air or go “live”. Just a thought.

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