J. A. Allen is a freelance writer, blogger, and author of the upcoming contemporary fantasy, Old Souls. Originally from Stonewall, Manitoba she’s moved all over Canada, dipped down to Oz, and currently resides in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island with her three hellions, two stepdaughters, husband, and beloved Siamese fighting fish, Cole (a replacement of “Fishy,” who miraculously survived being accidentally dropped three times, only to die years later from very boring, quite natural causes.)

Her contemporary fantasy, Old Souls, is currently undergoing final edits before being released to betas and critique partners.

Diagnosed with genetic mental illness, Lucien Navarro spent most of his life trying not to end up like his father. But, when a woman seeks him out claiming to know him from a life ten-th

Would YOU like to be a beta reader?

Contact J. A. at ScribblesonCocktailNapkins@gmail.com


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